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What employers really want

Many job searchers miss the point. A potential employer doesn’t really care where you went to school or how many years you stayed at your last job.
by Tom Mason

Profit is a potential employer’s bottom line

Employers really only want to know one thing: how are you going to help their company make more money? Communicating how [...]

Can a lawyer help your business grow?

by Tom Mason
We’re living in a do-it-yourself age. That is particularly true when talking about legal issues. Corporations have plenty of choices these days when it comes to legal advice: paralegals and professional mediators, even estate-planning insurance agents can provide some level of legal information service to a company or businessperson. All of these professionals [...]

Greening the bottom line

by Tom Mason

A MILLION KILOGRAMS OF APPLE PEELINGS sounds like a lot of landfill fodder. But it is just one of the dozens of waste products created by the food processing industry in Nova Scotia’s Kings County every year. Everything from hot water to chicken feathers pour out of county factories; sometimes uses are found [...]

Meeting beyond the box

It might sound counterintuitive, but wandering minds are one of the keys to a truly successful convention.

By Tom Mason
It doesn’t even come close to the definition of five star service. Hungry participants at a recent hotel industry convention in Saint John, New Brunswick had to dig their own potatoes and fish their own shrimp [...]

Getting Lean

by Tom Mason
The cardboard box. It ‘s one of the most basic objects in modern manufacturing, a perfect, zen simple solution to a host of shipping and packaging problems. And just try to imagine an economy without them: no containers for our DVD players, our computers and Ipods, no handy carryouts for our groceries, no [...]