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Not your father’s forestry industry

by Tom Mason
IN MANY WAYS, GROUPE SAVOIE is a microcosm of the forest industry in Atlantic Canada. From humble beginnings 30 years ago, the family-owned business has mushroomed into one of the major players in New Brunswick’s $2 billion forestry industry, overseeing an operation that includes plants in Saint Quentin, Kedgwick and Moncton, New Brunswick, [...]

The well-tempered MIDI

THE GALA TORONTO CONCERT DEBUT of 13-year-old piano virtuoso Lucas Porter was a heady occasion to be sure, but the young Port Williams, Nova Scotia native was hardly in foreign territory. He wasn’t even in Toronto — not physically, at least. When he sat down at the keyboard to play the first notes in his [...]

How green is my building?

IT”S ONE OF THOSE APOCRYPHAL stories that has become part of the folklore of Toronto. The architect Frank Lloyd Wright – the genius behind Fallingwater and the Prairie School movement – hated Toronto City Hall when he saw the blueprints a few months before his death in 1959. Most Torontonians loved it. With two office [...]

From the cradle to the cradle

Good environmental stewardship doesn’t mean sacrificing the company’s bottom line

by Tom Mason
It’s one of the most ubiquitous of ocean resources, generating millions of dollars worth of sales every year, but it’s never gotten a whole lot of respect. But then again, ascophyllum nodosum — the same seaweed that litters East Coast beaches after a storm [...]

Auto personality

Think that old car you’re driving isn’t making a statement? Think again.

by Tom Mason
Lance Armstrong is the antithesis of an automobile driver. In a typical week, the five-time Tour de France winner burns up about 1000 kilometers on his Trek Madone bicycle. In the process he’s developed a heart that runs at 32 beats per [...]